Warehousing and Distribution

By carrying out our distribution operations with speed, precision, accuracy and reliability, we work towards enhancing our name and reputation in healthcare. This working philosophy has helped us forge gainful partnerships and stronger relationships in the healthcare, a process, which has built confidence in the company as a major distributor in the Libya.

Distribution capabilities have increased within the context of new challenges in the market place. Our processes and systems incorporate the quality consciousness of international manufacturers and suppliers and the performance

The goal of Distribution departments is to offer professional and state-of-the-art services to the retail customer which, in turn, develops trust and a lasting association with the establishment. The department renders 100 percent coverage of services to all retail pharmacies and private hospital pharmacies.

We have a central warehouse The new Warehouse of our 2000 M2 is now in the Fully air-conditioned and is operated as per the regulation of the Ministry of Health authorities and geared to meet the demands of our customers.

Alafia warehouses with the large storage capacity and well- organized facilities for the distribution of medical goods and equipment to pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, medical establishments and retail outlets

Undoubtedly, the logistical support of the warehouses form the bedrock on which the group has been able to cater to the growing demands of its clients and has served the vital needs of the end user .

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